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  • Fundraise $1000 by event day!

Medio Fondo

$219*starting at
  • Fees increase November 1, February 1 and May 8

Piccolo & E-Bike Fondo

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  • Fees increase November 1, February 1 and May 8

GranFondo Jasper will be an amazing experience for all riders. 

Please review the details below to assist in preparation for the event.


Wondering where to park for the day near the start line? Your best bet is at your hotel!  Jasper is a quaint town and no accommodation is too far from our start/finish area!


The start line is located at the Jasper Museum.  Start corrals open at 7:30am.
All riders are expected to be in position 15 minutes prior to their race start.

Riders will be in a controlled start for the first several kilometres as you exit town.
If you’re taking part in the event, just remember to sit tight, relax and simply soak in the experience of the incredible start.

Riders are asked to self-select an appropriate starting position within the start corrals. With such a large number of riders, finding the right spot that best matches your fitness level, riding confidence and anticipated finish time is important for a smooth start for everyone.

Remember, your official ride time only starts when you cross the startline so it doesn’t matter how far back you are!



Riders must maintain an average speed of 20 km/h (including rest stops) in order to stay within the event. If you are travelling below the 20 km/h average speed, you will at some point be passed by the Road Sweep or “End of Ride” vehicle. This vehicle will be the first of the Sweep Entourage vehicles. All the vehicles in the Sweep Entourage and their respective roles are as follows:

Event Sweep – Represents the tail end of the official event. It is an indicator to riders, event staff, spectators etc. that all riders following behind it are following rules of the road (more details provided below)
Rider Bus – Will offer a ride to the finish line to any riders that get passed by the event sweep.  We can transport the bikes of any riders accepting a ride to the finish line.

All official, on-course event support will be closed shortly after the Event Sweep passes. If you are passed by the Sweep, you will be stopped by the Rider Bus and offered the opportunity to board it for a ride to the finish.

If you do not accept a ride to the finish line and decide instead to continue riding, the following details are in effect for the duration of your ride to the finish line:

  • You shall continue your ride according to Alberta Bicycle Association’s rules found here
  • Normal traffic patterns may resume within what is the dedicated lane width for the event
  • The special event traffic control management at intersections and along the route may be removed
  • The event signage may be removed
  • Water, mechanical, nutritional and medical support from the event may be unavailable for the remainder of your trip
  • If you are unable to reach the finish line before 4:00pm, your finish time may not be recorded

NOTE: If you are able to speed up and pass the Event Sweep, please do so safely. You will be welcomed back into the event.


All riders will receive an electronic timing chip. At the end of the ride, you’ll have information about your overall riding time. Results will be posted on our website by midnight on event day.  Results will also be emailed out to you.

Please note, improperly mounted timing chips could result in errors with your time.
Ask our timing team at the registration for a demonstration of how to properly mount your chip.


Each of the water stations will have a combination of snack foods which may include:

  • Energy Gels
  • Bagels with peanut butter and jelly/honey
  • Bananas/Apples
  • Cookies/Muffins
  • Coca Cola


The feed stations will also have water and electrolyte drink available for refueling your own waterbottles.
There is no “feeding on the fly”.   Gran Fondo Jasper is an eco-friendly event.  We do not provide cups or bottles.