The Wildlife

Along with the natural mountain environment, comes the possibility that the event may be rerouted, delayed, or cancelled to protect sensitive wildlife along the route (or for other easons such as mudslide, fire, road maintenance operations or other visitor safety hazards).  Sensitive wildlife includes any of the following: grizzly and black bear, wold, cougar, lynx, wolverin, any animal with young, and any female elk who may have young hidden nearby.  It is possible that the event may continue if sheep, elk, deer, moose, coyotes or smaller animals are near the road, unless they are particularly vulnerable (e.g. moos with newborn young) or dangerous (e.g. elk protecting calf).

Working with Parks Canada, we have developed a Flag System which athletes need to be aware of.  At any point along the route(s), if our support teams display the following flag colors, please follow their instructions:

    • Yellow Flag:  reason: wildlife are present inthe event area but low risk to participant
      • reduce speed, be vigilant, be prepared to stop or turnaround, maintain safe distance from wildlife
    • Red Flag : reason: presence of wildlife along the route creates an unsafe situation for participants and/or wildlife.
      • immediately stop.  Await futher instructions from event/park staff.  Event may be delayed or participants rerouted to avoid the ‘red’ situation.

Possible wildlife scenarios.  While any combination of likely scenarios is possible, we will desribe the most likely.

  1. Wildlife of concern on Marmot Basin Road
    1. Continency A:  Remove Marmot Basin Road from event
    2. Contingency B: Reposition turnaroudn lower on Marmot Road to avoid wildlife conflict (ie. Portal Creek trailhead)
  2. Wildlife of concern on Highway 93A
    1. Contingency A: Remove 93A
    2. Contingency B: Reposition turnaround to other location away from wildlife conflict (ie. Cavell Road, Wabasso campground, Otto’s Cache, meeting of the waters, etc)
  3. Wildlife of concern on Highway 93
    1. Contingency A: Remove 93
    2. Contingency B: Reposition turnaround to other location away from wildlife conflict

The Weather

The event will be held outdoors and may proceed notwithstanding poor weather conditions on the day of the Event. The Organizer is not liable to the Participant for any loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind including, but not limited to, refund of entry fees, in the event of poor weather before, during or if the event is cancelled.

We will only cancel the event in case of severe inclement weather.  In moderate-severe conditions, we will consult with Jasper National Park staff, and our medical team up to 1 hour prior to the event start prior to making a decision.

Final decisions may include course changes and rerouting.


Forest fires are far more prevalent so we have to be prepared. 

  • If the Air Quality Index FORECASTS anything higher than a 7, we will cancel the event.

This is definitely not a usual year, nor something that is typical in any contingency plans – but unfortunately something we will have to prepare for in the years ahead.

As with any event, it is ultimately your decision if you wish to attend the event based on your health or that of the environment.

Health Risks:
Although minor air quality impairments do not typically cause health concerns in most healthy individuals, as air quality conditions become more severe, even healthy individuals may experience irritation of eyes, throat and possibly shortness of breath.
If you experience any of the above symptoms: Be aware of your symptoms.
– Reduce levels of physical activity as necessary.- Consider sheltering indoors with windows closed. Individuals with respiratory conditions (such as COPD and asthma), and individuals with existing cardiovascular conditions (such as angina, previous heart attack and congestive heart failure), are likely to notice a worsening of symptoms, due to fine particulate matter in air. As such, individuals with pre-existing respiratory or cardiovascular conditions are advised to remain indoors, keep their windows closed and limit strenuous physical activity.